Iridium in the earth

The earth is of course full of mystery and all sorts of natural phenomenon that have puzzled humans for centuries, and it is pretty safe to say that just in recent years have we started to see humans work in a more unique way towards finding out the secrets to the earth and our universe, and it is of course a really great time to be alive. Never have we been able to study pure metals and hard to do chemistry subjects like we can today, and that is definitely something that we are all really excited about because chemistry can be used to experiment and find cures to diseases and overall help the world in general, and of course a lot of chemistry is just learning more about these precious metals and gases and what they can do in general, but of course chemistry is a really exciting subject that we really hope you are excited about as well. So if you are the type of person who is really interested in chemistry and all of the really precious metals out there in the world then you have definitely come to the right spot in the world wide web because as we continue to talk more about the element of iridium you are definitely going to learn a lot about chemistry and just how unique and special iridium is. Of course we think iridium is super special and that is really the main reason why we have created this entire web page about iridium in the first place, but we are here to spread the word about iridium to the entire world, and we know that this is of course going to be something that we really enjoy, so thanks for coming to this page and being a part of this social experiment as we continue to talk more about iridium and how it is naturally found in the earth, yet very seldom.

The truth of the matter is that iridium is one of the rarest metals on the face of the earth and is extremely hard to find unless you are in some super epic parts of Canada, Russia and Alaska, but the thing that is super cool about iridium is that it has been known to be found out in space very frequently and is just one of those space metals that is a part of meteorites and things of that nature. And so as you can imagine iridium is the type of metal that makes up a shooting star and that is part of the reason why we know that it is one of the toughest metals on the periodic table of elements because it is so flame resistant and can even exist as it shoots across the sky in our atmosphere and typically dissipates after awhile. The thing is that most people don’t always understand just how common meteorites are in our atmosphere because we aren’t in quite good enough of a spot to see them, but the truth is meteors and shooting stars are happening all of the time and are definitely visible every night if you are in the right spot to see them! Of course they could be pretty far away or not that far away but iridium is always in them and that is something that we think is super epic because it proves iridium is a space metal that is technically not even of this earth.


Uses of Iridium

Of course when we start to think about all of the cool elements out there in the world we a lot of times go straight to plutonium and all of these really epic elements that are pretty well known throughout the entire world and are super scary and stuff, but of course there are so many other types of elements out there that we use all of the time that we may or may not recognize as a part of our lives. The truth is that in our culture today we are constantly using really precious metals for all of our computers and cell phones and things like that which we all really like to use, and even in our cars we are using precious metals because we have to use specific metals that have a really high tolerance to heat in our engines. That is where elements of iridium come into play and the truth is that iridium just might be one of the most unique and exciting elements in the entire world, and of course it is a metal. Iridium is very similar to platinum, which I am sure a lot of you know is extremely expensive and one of the most precious metals on earth, but iridium just might even be more expensive and useful than platinum, and a lot of times iridium is used to make platinum shinier and harder and more capable of withstanding the other elements of the world for a long period of time. Of course when we think about the uses of iridium they tend to go hand in hand with the uses of platinum and when we combine both platinum and iridium together we get a really expensive and tough metal, and these types of alloys that are created from platinum and iridium are typically only used to special occasions. Things like spark plugs on helicopters and planes are typically made with some type of platinum and iridium alloy metal, and that is definitely really important because our spark plugs on our vehicles and planes and boats need to be able to withstand extreme heat and activity, that is why they are called spark plugs because they spark. And when it comes to things like iridium the sparks that occur within a spark plug reaction is irrelevant because it won’t make any difference to the metal because of how tough it is and how hard it is to corrode. Wherever there is an instance in which you need some type of metal to act in a really high intensity situation in which other metals could melt or deteriorate iridium can be used to really come in and save the day, and I think a lot of people out in the world really do like this type of thing and that is one of the reasons why we should definitely consider this type of work. Of course we can figure everything out on our own but we should definitely consider all of the best of the best work when it comes to iridium.

Properties of Iridium

There are of course so many elements that exist in our universe that we use all of the time that we may not even realize we are using, and that is just something that goes hand in hand with the periodic table of elements and our consumerism in our culture. Especially in today’s Apple and tech cultures we are using precious metals all of the time and we are even fighting wars in Afghanistan and other places in the world to get to these expensive elements and metals so that we can use them to create our cell phones and other things that we like to have. The truth is that there are certain metals in the world that are of course really expensive including platinum, and we all know that platinum is just one of the most posh metals on earth that is arguably more expensive than gold, but of course platinum is really shiny and strong, but it really doesn’t have anything on iridium. Iridium is the type of hard metal that most people don’t know all that much about because it is pretty rare and even a lot more rare than gold or anything like that, but we should definitely consider the facts that iridium is just one of those elements that are super heady and deserves to be talked about in great detail. So if you are the type of person who really likes talking about precious metals and things like that including the periodic table of elements then you are definitely the type of nerd that we are looking for in this web page because in all of these articles on this blog we are going to be discussing the element of iridium, and in this particular article we are going to primarily be focusing on the physical properties of this element because we know that we need to give you as much information as we can about iridium and we know that there is a lot that goes by unseen when it comes to this element, so let’s continue to talk more about the properties of iridium.

One of the coolest properties of iridium is that it is the most corrosive resistant metal known to the world, and that means that no matter what you do to this metal you are not going to be able to fuck it up, and chemists of all types try to figure out how they can mangle this metal like all the other metals, but they still have a lot of trouble doing so because of how strong iridium is just in general. It is one of the toughest metals on the planet and that is why humans have found it to be so useful and luxurious, and it is definitely a metal that is very similar to platinum and is part of the platinum family, except iridium has a more yellow hint to it, and that is of course something that we think is super epic and cool so thanks for being here and we’ll catch you next time.

Iridium, the element

Of course a lot of people have heard about the Periodic Table of Elements and how important it is to determining the world in which we all live in and we know that for the most part the world that we live in is completely made up of all of the elements on this table in some way or another at a chemical level, and the chemical level has always been the part of the universe that has drawn a bunch of attention from humans and that is one of the reasons why chemistry is one of the most common subjects throughout children and adult education. We just know that there is so much we can learn from this specific table of elements and if you are the type of person who is interested in learning about all of the elements or maybe you are just really interested in chemistry and physics and things like that then you are definitely in the right place online because we are talking about the element called iridium and we know that iridium is just one of those elements that not too many people know all that much about, but we are here to help you with that. So of course we are just really happy to have you here on this site and learn from us about iridium and we know that as we continue to go through this entire list of articles on this page about iridium your knowledge of the element is definitely going to evolve because the information on this site is going to be really useful and we can promise you that! So thanks for being here and let’s continue talking more about the basic information of the element called iridium.

One of the coolest aspects of iridium, which has an atomic weight of 77, is that it is extremely hard and strong, and in fact iridium is such a strong metal that it is even difficult to be welded with other metals. This should just show you just how strong this metal is, and when you have a strong metal like iridium you of course can figure out a bunch of really great uses for it, and because it is strong and durable it makes sense to use this type of metal in high intensity situations because other metals could malfunction in certain temperatures and situations, but not iridium. We use iridium for so many aspects of our lives and just don’t realize it but that is definitely going to be something we are going to be talking a lot about in this web page. But something that we are going to tell you now is that iridium is used in aviation and in planes all the time, and that is because planes go in such high intensity situations and need metal that is going to be strong and consistent, and of course we all know that planes tend to be pretty consistent and are just a lot of fun too, so when it comes to flying in a plane we can definitely tell you all about the iridium involved in your safe flights.

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